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July 06, 2011

Retired racing sled dogs adapt to sunny Nelson

Alaskan huskies Joseph and Helene have raced in the world's toughest endurance events through some of the planet's most hostile environments, but are a little freaked out by hedgehogs scuttling around the backyard of their new home in Mapua.
The former world-class sled racing dogs arrived from Norway last year with owner Mark Chin. His partner, Stephanie Lawlor, said while the dogs seemed happy in their new environment – retired and living by the sea – they appeared to be a bit confused by the hedgehogs.
"I don't think they've seen them before, but they pick the hedgehogs up in their mouths and bring them into the house," she said.
For these well-travelled dogs, who have competed in the world's most extreme endurance races for sled dogs, the 30-hour flight to New Zealand via Frankfurt and Hong Kong was a doddle – the marathon was the paperwork for their owner. MORE>>


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