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July 20, 2011

Dogs at a discount to clear SPCA's cages

The SPCA is holding a dog sale this week to deal with the largest overflow of unwanted animals in 27 years.
The Mangere Animal Village is overflowing with dogs, and had had to turn away many in the past month. The shelter has 59 dogs ready for adoption, where it would normally only hold 45 to 50.

Chief executive Bob Kerridge said there was a further glut in the back wings. The shelter had 161 dogs that were recovering from injuries or were waiting until they were old enough to be sold, and a further 30 in foster care.

"We're at over-capacity. Five to six times in the last month we have had to stop dogs coming in which we hate to do. If we can't take the dog then we worry about what will happen to it."MORE>>


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