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July 10, 2011

Dog attack family wants $50,000 reparation

The owner of a dog that attacked a 3-year-old boy on an Auckland shopping street is to face dangerous dog charges.
The family of Oracle Brampton, bitten when he tried to pat the dog outside a Video Ezy store, wants $50,000 reparation for the "trauma".
Difficult one because it was the boy who went to pat the dog, and got in its face. But then, if you leave a dog outside, you should make certain that it tolerates kids pushing their hands near their face!
The Herald on Sunday reported the attack in March, publishing security camera footage that showed how the dog lunged at the toddler, delivering a single bite that caused facial injuries.
The Brampton family has called for the Staffordshire terrier cross to be put down, but owner Toby Conway pleaded for his "best friend" Stan's life. The dog remains with Conway until a judge decides his sentence, according to the Brampton family.
An Auckland Council spokeswoman said charges would be laid in Waitakere District Court this month. The lead charge - a dog causing serious injury - carried a maximum penalty of three years' jail, $20,000 fine, or both. A secondary charge carried a $3000 fine.
Moana Wepiha-Reo, Oracle's grandmother, said the family was asked how much reparation they wanted, and had asked for $50,000.
She was angry that Conway had not apologised directly, and she wanted him to understand the "trauma" he had put the family through.
Not even an apology, but then..  Perhaps something in writing would have been nice-- a nice card, chocolates-- 
That's what someone did when their dog attacked our dog, and he had to get vet care. This family paid for the vet care, and came over to apologies, and give Holmes a Get Well card. 


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