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June 09, 2011

Microchip links owner and lost dog a year on

microchip has helped reunite a lost dog with her family, a year after she went missing.
Wellington SPCA's animal rescue unit found Marley running around in traffic on State Highway 2 near Petone on Sunday, and took her to the SPCA base in Newtown.

SPCA senior inspector Ben Lakomy said Marley was extremely underweight and in a "pretty rough" condition.
Thanks to a microchip the size of a grain of rice, the SPCA was able to find Marley's owner, who had last seen her about a year ago.

Mr Lakomy said: "We rang some of the neighbours first, just to make sure she hadn't been at that address when she got into that condition, but they said they hadn't seen her there for ages."

When he rang Marley's owner in Porirua, Hinetaapora Moko-Mead, she was overjoyed. "They were very, very shocked to get a call from us, they were over the moon, and quite emotional when they came in." MORE>>


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