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May 26, 2011

Sheep dogs to pack Masterton

Hundreds of working dogs are set to descend on Masterton in June to compete for the chance to be named the best in the country.

The Tux North Island and New Zealand Sheepdog Trialing Championships start on Monday, June 6, culminating in a final run with the seven top dogs on Saturday, June 12.

Life member of the Masterton Dog Trial Club Arthur Harrison, who won the New Zealand title in 1981 and judged the competition in 1995 when it was last in Masterton, said dog trialing has done for young shepherds what shearing competitions have done for shearers.

"The change I've seen in working dogs over the years has been just incredible. Shepherds have really cleaned their act up and they're much more aware of their dogs.

"At the end of the day, without dogs, you couldn't run a farm - the industry wouldn't exist without them." MORE>>


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