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May 31, 2011

Dog to be destroyed after Masterton attack

A bull mastiff-cross which savagely attacked a four-year-old girl in Masterton will be destroyed today, while the child remains in hospital undergoing surgery.

She was patting the dog when it became aggressive, pinning her to the ground and biting her face.

I'm sure that the dog gave some warning through his body language to tell the person SUPERVISING this interaction  between the dog and child that the dog was feeling uncomfortable.

The owner has been charged under the Dog Control Act. And so they should!

A two-year-old girl was also mauled by a dog in Kawerau at the weekend.

If dog bites are such a problem, why is it then that when a dog bite prevention event was held in Christchurch took place, only a handful of families came? Would you think that people would be interested in learning how to read their dog's body language in order to avoid the situations that took place over the weekend.

Check, and you can take an online course- around $40.00NZ or so-- cheaper than your daughters life time of scars and operations!


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