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May 02, 2011

Dangerous breeds 'should all be shot'

The mother of an 8-year-old Dunedin boy whose ear was ripped in half when he was mauled by a dog says dangerous breeds "should all be shot".

Carley Ludlow (31) was speaking to the Otago Daily Times the day after her son, Jayden Taggart, had half his left ear ripped off by a Staffordshire bull terrier inside a Wakari home on Friday night.
Miss Ludlow said her son and his father were visiting the home of family friends when the attack occurred about 8.45pm.

Jayden's father witnessed the attack and pulled the dog off, fishing the torn ear out of the dog's mouth before rushing his son to Dunedin Hospital by car immediately after the attack, she said.

Miss Ludlow said the incident showed Staffordshire bull terriers and other breeds, such as pit bulls, "should all be shot".
All children should be taught how to act around dogs, and how to see the signs of a stressed dog!
"If people continue to have them, then they can kiss their kids goodbye." Actually, if dog owners and parents of children do not educate themselves about dogs, this event will continue to happen!

However, Miss Ludlow and the dog's owner disagreed about whether the attack was unprovoked.
Miss Ludlow said her son had been lying on a bed when the dog "just jumped up and started mauling him", while the woman who owned the dog - who would not be named - said Jayden had been "tormenting" the animal that day.
"He's a good dog. He was neutered. It was just a freak accident and I'm extremely sorry about what happened to Jayden," the owner said.

Being neutered has nothing to do with this attack...  If Jayden was tormenting the dog all day... why was he allowed?!?  Why is it okay for a child to be a bully to a dog?

The attack had been "very quick" and left all those involved in shock, she said.


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