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April 09, 2011

Taxi driver 'saved me' in dog attack

Invercargill woman Lesley Frederick reckons a passing taxi saved her from becoming "another dog-mauling victim like you see in the news".

She spoke to publicly thank the taxi driver she knows only as "Bruce" and the efforts of men on a recycling truck for fending off two menacing dogs as she walked her own dog home yesterday.

"It was damn scary, I was just about puking," she said.
Mrs Frederick was walking her poodle McGregor back home after an appointment at Elles Rd Veterinary Centre in south Invercargill.

On Biggar St, she and McGregor were confronted by a rottweiler with a studded collar and another dog, she described as "some sort of cross, possibly ridgeback-ish".
She knew her own dog was no match for the menacing canines.

"He's a white standard poodle and he was wearing a tartan jacket, which was just asking for trouble."
"He slowed down and said `are you all right'? I said `erm not really', then they lunged at me again."
To escape she jumped in the taxi.

"It was so scary, my god, if that taxi driver hadn't stopped."

How did this story get in the news?!? I mean, did she ring the newspaper, or were reporters around the neighbourhood :)


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