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April 28, 2011

Not quite another dog training day

With the predator dogs nearing their final exam, my brother and I decided to take them out training away from Tui Nature Reserve.

Liam took the mailboat to Havelock to visit a farm in Blenheim for a few days with his dog Tori.
Chase and I were picked up by our neighbours and taken to Pohuenui station which is right across from us.
This new environment was perfect for training, with plenty of challenges for the dogs.

This large semi-island has livestock, and pet animals such as an ostrich, a horse, two goats and ducks.
After getting some good training in Blenheim, Liam and Tori arrived at Pohuenui with the mailboat on Friday and after lunch they went out looking for stoat evidence in the area. MORE>>


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