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April 13, 2011

Forget Fido, now it’s Samfoofa

Forget Fido, when it comes to naming their four-legged-friends, many Kiwis have gone barking mad. 

While Max and Bella remain the most popular dog names, the list of wacky monikers registered ranges from funny to bizarre. Lists from registers in Auckland, North Shore, Waitakere, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch reveal the lengths some owners go to give their pet an original name. 

A few were registered with no name and others as Dog, Pup or Puppy. Some were simply Boy or Girl. The most unusual included Aeroplane Ears, Ting Ching, Stolen, Fugly, Jesus, Rangatira Skid, Fish, Slimey, Tomato, Toaster, Communion, Botox, Coast Guard, Death, Samfoomfa, Awesum, Piddles, Griffy Griff Griff, Poopoo, Trevor the Wolf and X. MORE>>


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