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April 22, 2011

Drug Dogs Lead The Chase Outside The Wire

Corrections drug dogs are leading the campaign to catch contraband before it gets inside the prison walls.

In addition to searching for drugs and other contraband inside the nation's prison the 12 dogs and their handlers are focussed on patrolling prison car parks to stop visitors trying to sneak illicit substances inside.

National Dog Unit Co-ordinator Tony Coyle says the patrols of prison borders are an important part of their work which regularly resulted in drug finds.
He faces a number of drugs charges after It is alleged he had LSD powder - with a street value of up to $2.5 million - among other drugs, utensils and cash in his possession.

Just want to point one fact here... dogs can NOT detect LSD. This article is made so that you THINK they can... like they said below, dogs (and police press releases) are a deterrent but they don't find all drugs, nor do they find all the CORRECT people. There are false positives, meaning that someone could have sat on a chair when cannabis was, and the dog can indicate drug on the person, but in reality it was just a sniff.

The drug dog units have contributed to the fact that nationally, positive general random drug tests are sitting at an all time low of 6 per cent.

"Our drug dogs and their handlers do some great work but they also have an excellent deterrent value that can't be measured," Mr Coyle says.

And they scare people who shouldn't be scared. Cops blame the dog when they are going to search a person without any evidence other than the dog sat down to 'indicate'. Well, any good dog handler can train a dog to sit with a hand command without anyone else knowing he or she did that.

"We've seen cars full of gang members turn around in the car park and drive away as soon as they spot the dogs and other intelligence has revealed would be drug smugglers are worried."

But.... you didn't catch the drugs!! Isn't that the whole purpose of having these dogs!



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