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April 03, 2011

Dog attacks go past 300

There have been more than 320 dog attacks on people in Auckland in the past six months.
A council spokesman this week said dogs were not automatically put down. Most dog bite investigations took four to six weeks. A decision would then be made on enforcement action and there could be delays in the court process.

The spokesman also revealed that in the last six months there have been 68 dog bite incidents on people recorded in the former Waitakere city area, 83 in central Auckland, 121 in Manukay and 56 in the former North Shore and Rodney council areas. MORE>>

It would be nice to have a dog bite level like Dr Ian Dunbar's one. What is a dog bite for one person is different for someone else? We need a national standard, and Dr Dunbar's one has been proven very very systematic.


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