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April 25, 2011

Bull mastiff mauls 7-year-old

On April 10, Carolyn Davies took 7-year-old Sheldon to meet a new friend in West Auckland.
The boys were playing basketball in the sun, away from the homeowner's 45kg bull mastiff fenced off in the yard.

As Sheldon went inside to get a drink he looked at the animal and it attacked without warning. Carolyn remembers the dog launching over the fence to grab her boy "like a whale leaping out of water".
And she will never forget the moments that followed.

"The dog launched over the gate, grabbed my baby by the face and pulled him over the fence and ripped his face off. MORE>>

This is an incident where I would like to know more about the dog that attacked. They (the victims) may not have seen the warning as it can so so subtle, but the owner would have know some past life of the dog. A dog doesn't just jump over a fence and attack... there is more to this story, and it has nothing to do with dog laws... rather dog owner eduction.

A national review of dog laws is on hold.

He promised the review would resume and wanted debate on current legislation. Hide said he wanted to know if more could be done to ensure public safety while recognising responsible dog ownership.


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