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April 30, 2011

Brodie in the running for TV stardom

Brodie the border collie is "fit as a fiddle and sharp as a knife".

The four-year-old pooch from Tokomaru has been selected as a finalist for New Zealand's next Tux dog television advertisement.

Brodie and nine other dogs from throughout New Zealand have been selected out of 500 entries received by the dog biscuit company.

In the past few weeks, the judges have been travelling the country, auditioning the 10 finalists and Brodie got his 30 seconds of fame on Wednesday morning at his home.

Owner Kathryn Beer said she entered both of her dogs, Brodie and Bracken – also a border collie. Bracken was shortlisted but didn't make the cut.

I know Kathryn.. we used to work together !! Well done Kathryn and Brodie!! I've known Brodie since a pup !!   I forgot to enter our Max, Spoodle... but Brodie will be a great Tux Dog!!

"Both of my dogs do competitive obedience and I go to shows with them. Bracken has only just started but Brodie has been doing it for a few years."

Miss Beer said Brodie was a soft-natured, happy dog. MORE>>


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