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February 11, 2011

Owner fights city council to keep dogs

LIBAN KHOURY says she is being singled out by Auckland Council because of the breed of dogs she owns.

Blue and Deuce, American Staffordshire terriers, were seized by Auckland Council after conditions relating to the dogs were breached and three infringement notices had been issued.

They had been labelled as menacing dogs by the council. The dogs were given the label after wandering off the property and challenging members of the public, a council spokesperson says.

In the latest incident, the dogs escaped from their home after they chewed through their lead and jumped the fenced balcony while their owners were out.

"It's because of the breed of dog they are. They do look dangerous because they are cousins of the pit bull," Ms Khoury says.
"But you can't judge a dog by its looks."MORE>>


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