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February 11, 2011

"Cooked" dog owner charged

A 74-year-old transsexual and former cowboy says she will defend a charge over the death of her dog, allegedly left to die in a hot car at a Christchurch mall. Annabell Quor's 10-year-old pomeranian Midgy died in a car parked at The Palms shopping centre just before Christmas.
The SPCA has charged Ms Quor with reckless ill-treatment of an animal. She could face up to three years in prison, a fine not exceeding $75,000, or both.

It's estimated the temperature in the car reached 33.4degC.

However, Ms Quor, former shearer and rodeo cowboy, said the SPCA was making an unnecessary example of her. "I'm not guilty of what they said. They just want to make a thing out of it," she told The Christchurch Star.

Hum.. not sure how she can say it wasn't animal cruelty... She left the dog in oven-like temperatures, and she thinks that she didn't do anything wrong?

"Why don't they get into these gangs that do dog fighting and pinch little dogs like that to get them ripped up?"

 Is dog fighting worse than leaving a dog to cook? does it really matter?

In December, SPCA manager Geoff Sutton told NZPA a dog or any animal trapped in a hot car would literally "cook" to death.

"It cooks really, from the brain, the blood, every part of it. A dog doesn't sweat like you and I do. A dog can only cool itself down through panting."


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