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December 09, 2010

'The SPCA has taken my only friend'

A terminally ill Lower Hutt boy with a rare genetic condition is without his only friend after the SPCA seized his pet dog, placing it in "protective custody".

Brooklyn Griffen's mum sold her car to buy the cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy for her nine-year-old son a year ago.

Julie Hutton said she bought Ruby for $900 from a breeder on Trade Me as a companion for Brooklyn, who suffers from a mitochondrial disorder.

This means he cannot walk, is prone to illness, and has serious physical and developmental problems. Doctors do not know how long he will live but he is not expected to make it to adulthood.

Ms Hutton bought the puppy because her son does not have friends of his own. "I felt that a small dog would act as a good companion and give him something to love." MORE>>


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