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December 15, 2010

New SPCA chief returns boy's best friend

Yells of delight filled the air as a terminally ill Lower Hutt boy was reunited with his beloved dog.
Ruby, a one-year-old cavalier king charles spaniel, went missing more than a month ago. She was handed in "seriously underweight and with other health issues", according to the SPCA. It put the dog in "protective custody" and refused to return her to her owners.

The family hired a lawyer to fight for Ruby's return.
The standoff came to an end on Saturday, after new Wellington SPCA chairman Craig Shepherd intervened.
Brooklyn Griffen, 9, screamed with delight when he and Ruby were reunited, his mother Julie, Hutton, said.
"He screamed so loud. He's hardly let her out of his sight since."

Ruby had also perked up, she said. "It's like she's come to life, she's so happy, she's running around all over the place barking. It was like taking a kid away from their family."
Ruby had a genetic illness and had always struggled to put on weight, even when treated to special dog food, she said.

It took another pair of eyes to look at the problem. I can't beleive that this case got to this point. It was on the news, and things started rolling. A shame when the media is needed to solve a problem like this. 


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