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November 04, 2010

Cat attack halts passenger train

A Wellington-bound train was delayed after a cat snuck onboard and scratched the driver so badly a replacement had to be brought in.

(...)KiwiRail marketing and communications manager Nigel Parry said the train manager tried to catch the cat but he was scratched so severely he required medical attention and a replacement driver was brought in.
The cat was thought to have boarded the train in the Wairarapa, and was found in Wellington.
"We have no intention to charge a fare and we are obviously appealing for the owner to contact the Wellington SPCA for its return. We can also assure we won't be charging the owner a fare."

Although this is supposed to be funny, what would have happened if a dog attacked the driver?
He'd or She would have been put down, and fine the owners.... so is this attack supposed to be less serious? The driver could have lost an eye!

But I hear all those people out there saying "ease up, it's only a cat!" But the point is... why is this any less serious than a dog attack?


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