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October 16, 2010

'Scuse me, that's the telephone barking

If you're deaf it's hard to know when your mates are knocking at the door and wanting to come in for a cuppa, scone and a chinwag, so a hearing dog comes in handy.
"The dogs are trained for the noises within a recipient's home. If someone is knocking at the door the dog will come and tug at your leg and then lead you to the door," Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand fundraising co-ordinator Frank Lowry said.
Recipients indicate what noises they need assistance for, the most common being phone calls, door bells, bedside alarms and smoke alarms.
Tomorrow is the trust's annual street appeal and volunteers will be hitting the streets of New Plymouth with orange vests and plastic buckets at the ready.
The money raised will be used for training – which takes about five months and cost $13,500 for each dog – and expansion of the current facilities. MORE>>


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