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October 01, 2010

Blenheim plaque for police dogs

A plaque commemorating the 23 police dogs killed on duty in New Zealand since 1972 has been unveiled at the RSA lounge in Clubs Marlborough in Blenheim.
The plaque, uncovered at the Police Remembrance Day celebrations in Marlborough yesterday, is believed to be the first of its kind at an RSA institution in New Zealand.

RSA president Geoff Stobie said police dogs were an integral part of the police requiring recognition.

"In talking to the police ... for every dog that's been killed it could have been a police officer. That's the significance."
Vice-president Peter Slape came up with idea after the shooting of police dog Gage on July 13 this year, Mr Stobie said.

Gage was killed when Senior Constable Bruce Lamb and colleague Constable Mitchel Alatalo were shot after entering a home in Phillipstown, Christchurch.


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