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September 25, 2010

SPCA meets to discuss dog attack

Senior Wellington SPCA staff were meeting today to decide the fate of a dog under its care that bit a young girl.
The dog was being walked by an SPCA volunteer along Wellington's Southern Walkway on Saturday when the attack happened. SPCA spokeswoman Vanessa Hetherington told NZPA its caregivers and senior staff were meeting this morning to discuss the fate of the dog.

Why not the fate of the dog walker?

"Obviously the dog involved is in his run and will remain there until a decision is made as to what action to be taken with him," she said.
Hetherington said there were over 7000 dog walks undertaken every year at the SPCA, and this was the first reported attack.
She declined to say what injuries the victim received.

Well, it would help us understand the severity of the 'attack'...

"(However) we spoke to the father yesterday and she'd been discharged from hospital and was back home fine." She could not confirm the age of the victim.


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