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September 06, 2010

Missing pets add to post quake stress

It wasn't just humans shaken by the big quake - hundreds of terrified pets fled during the tremors.
Last night, many of those pets, mostly cats and dogs and the odd rabbit, were yet to return to their homes, adding to the stress of their owners, who are turning to the internet in a desperate attempt to find their furry friends.
"Prissy is a 4-year-old desexed female who ran out the door this morning after the earthquake ... She was terrified and I couldn't grab her as she ran past me," said one Christchurch cat owner on the Pets on the Net website.
"I am desperate to find her as she is so timid and was so frightened. I expect that she will be in a garage or shed somewhere hiding in a corner. Please look for her if you live in the area." MORE>>


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