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September 08, 2010

Community work for killing neighbour's dog

A dog owner was crying in court while the woman who killed the family pet was sentenced to community work.
Henrietta Tania Campbell, 47, said she used an air rifle to scare a dog off her property but she was convicted in a defended hearing of ill-treating the neighbour's family pet, Pogi, and firing an air rifle near a house.

Defence counsel Serina Bailey said at the sentencing in Christchurch District Court that Campbell had previously lost a litter of kittens to a dog attack and was under stress.

She did not know it was her neighbour's dog and meant to scare it, not kill it, she said. After the dog was shot it walked down the drive, collapsed and died, so did not suffer for long.
She said it was not a cruelty matter, just extremely unfortunate. MORE>>


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