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September 14, 2010

Chicken feed distracts guard dog

A Christchurch family who left their staffordshire terrier to guard their house were burgled after the thieves tempted the dog with a whole roast chicken.

The dastardly deed was just one of the "quake-crime" stories that began to emerge yesterday.

The Anderson and Skurr family left their Mitcham Place, Bexley, home on Saturday when floodwaters began to rise after the earthquake.

Mother Melissa Skurr said the family felt secure because they had left their "staffie", named Shady, at home to protect their property.

The burglars fed a whole cooked chicken to the dog through the cat door then broke in and stole all the family's electronic gear, including one child's portable DVD players.

The burglars "turned the house upside down". MORE>>


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