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August 30, 2010

Our hidden pet abuse shame

The world may be appalled by a British woman who put a cat in a wheelie bin, but it is nothing when compared to dogs being hanged in this country, SPCA workers say.
But in New Zealand, abuse is a lot worse.
SPCA workers say they have dealt with a man who used duct tape to hold the muzzle of his dog closed, later slitting her throat. A dog's facial injury was left unattended so half of it rotted away. And dogs are being hanged from trees in Gisborne. SPCA chief inspector Charles Cadwallader said that at an animal welfare forensic conference in the United States, professionals from overseas were shocked to hear about the state of New Zealand's animal cruelty. MORE>>

While I understand there are unreported animal abuse, and reported and sighted animal abuse, I wonder how bad it really is. When you are exposed to animal cruelty everyday, you think that it is happening every day, in every neighbourhood, and sometimes more than it really is.

It is natural that when you are aware of something, your mind tends to see more of it/them. Buy a Honda Accord, and you tend to see more of them on the road even though the same numbers of them were always there. Work with alcoholics, and you think that alcohol is a problem for everyone. 

This is why research at a university level is important. It quantifies what we might feel is true. Research gives it balance, and power.

Yes, there is animal abuse in New Zealand, but it is at a critical level like this article implies? Why doesn't this article explore the ways we can stop it? 

Rodney Hide (parliamentary member) said in the last Animal Companion Conference (2009) that he was going to put funds for research. WHERE IS THE MONEY? Where is the RESEARCH Mr Hide!


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