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August 05, 2010

Dog trouble in Christchurch

Two dogs were hit by cars and a dog bit a police officer in an action-packed incident in Christchurch last night.

Police were called to Linwood about 6.20pm after a dog ran on to Cashel St and was hit by a car.

Acting Sergeant Soames Crowther said a man was walking four dogs, none of which had leads, when a puppy ran on to the road and was run over. The dog's owner then got into an argument with the motorist. When police arrived, another dog bolted on to the road and was hit by another car.

Crowther said that while the dog owner was being arrested after arguing with police, one of his other dogs bit a police officer on the leg.

A second man, who attempted to intervene after his friend was arrested, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

"People need to have their dogs on leashes, especially at night," Crowther said.

The two dogs hit by cars were being treated at an after-hours veterinary clinic last night.

The other two dogs were taken to the city pound.


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