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August 11, 2010

Dog attacks on sheep prompt plea

An Otatara woman wants dog owners to keep a better eye on their pets ahead of lambing after five sheep were attacked this month, the latest a newborn lamb on Saturday morning.

Jennie Phillips has found two dead sheep, including a pregnant ewe, in her paddocks so far this month and another three sheep that had bite wounds in their necks and legs.

The attack on Saturday, on a lamb born on Thursday, was the fourth on sheep on her Coggins Rd property in a year.

A dog killed about 28 chickens four years ago.


Well, yes dogs can do damage, but just think what enemies these sheep would have if they lived in the United States or Canada... you have wolves, coyotes, snakes which of course means that dogs can't get near the sheep.

Yes there are predators everywhere, and in some countries there are more than others. That's why New Zealand has so many sheep because, in reality, it's the ideal country to have them.


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