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August 12, 2010

'Bark diary' evidence used to evict noisy dog

Neighbours of a noisy dog were asked to keep "bark diaries" before the pet was eventually confiscated in a dispute that has soaked up hundreds of hours of council time and involved police.

BJ the 10-year-old border collie-cross has been the subject of complaints to Napier City Council for four years. He is now in the city pound after the council took him on Monday.

Nearly all of the complaints have come from immediate neighbour Peter Johnson, who has two exercise books – bark diaries – filled with the dates, times and the duration of BJ's barking.

BJ has lived with Corina Halka and her two daughters at their Len Davis Tce property since 2006. The Halkas' previous dog, Ray, was also the subject of complaints from Mr Johnson and was removed in 2005.


Mr Johnson, 68, said BJ's barking had made his life hell. "As soon as I step out the door it goes berserk." He had thrown water on BJ "only three or four times". He should have thrown some treats instead!


This is a sad situation. I understand that barking dogs can be nuisance. Too bad he didn't consider taking it for a walk, or bring it on his property for company. Ya well, I suppose that wasn't really considered due to the bad history between them.

However, the dog's owners should have taken more responsibility of their anxious dog. Why get a dog if you aren't going to give him/her the attention (mental, and physical) they rightly deserve.

A sad day for everyone really.


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