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July 17, 2010

Police dog Gage farewelled

The police dog shot dead in Christchurch this week was farewelled this afternoon.

Senior Constable Bruce Lamb, his family and other police said goodbye to Gage in a private ceremony.

The dog was killed when Lamb and colleague, Constable Mitchel Alatalo, were shot after entering a dwelling in suburban Phillipstown. (with no authorisation)

Both men, taken to hospital, were discharged yesterday and have made good recoveries.

A police statement said the short service was a chance for Lamb to say a final goodbye and words to his "courageous good mate who has worked alongside him for the last six years". MORE>>

And to think that this dog would have been alive if the police officers would have followed the court case example that police officers don't have a right to search you for drug because ''they sniffed cannabis on you". That was the reason that the police officers said they visited that house. ... and to think that it was an illegal entry.

Of course, those people in the house went over the top in defending their property. Obviously, they had something to hide, but if they knew the law, they would have known they would have had legal redress. But that is the nature of drug laws that are politically motivated rather than based on evidence of harm.


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