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July 08, 2010

Pitbulll or Labrador? A dog on death row - Video

Campbell Live brings you the story of a council, a family, two very different breeds, and a dog on death row. - read full story »

What a sad, sad story. This is exactly why breed-specific legislation is a croak of shite! It doesn't work and it will never work. I feel sorry for the family and the dog. The dog being in that pound will only develop behaviours that he needs to develop in order to stay alive!

Watch the next video... if you don't thing that breed-specific legislation is a load of crap!

Couple spend $500,000 to keep dog alive - Video

The couple claim their family pet is a Staffordshire Terrior, but the local council claim it's a pitbull and should be destroyed. - read full story »

"Somebody has to be their voice", this dog owner said


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