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July 13, 2010

Pitbull attack puts boy in hospital

The title is a bit of a media hype...

An 8-year-old boy suffered a "nasty gash" to his face when he was attacked by a dog yesterday afternoon.

The boy, who was rushed to Middlemore Hospital by ambulance, was believed to have been visiting an address in Hindmarsh St, Henderson, when he was bitten on the side of his face by a pitbull terrier.

Detective Sergeant Eugene Pickett said the boy was known to the family who owned the house, although his relationship to them was unknown.

Police, called to the scene by responding paramedics, arrived to find some tension among those at the scene.

"Everybody was just so upset and the owner of the dog was shocked ... It was quite a nasty gash to the [boy's] face," Mr Pickett said. MORE>>

Never leave a dog and a child alone! That's the mantra. It will save your dog's life!

I would personally like to have described exactly what the child did before the bite, what type of body signals the dog was giving to the humans to say "I'm uncomfortable, leave me alone".

We teach kids and we get kids to repeat the phrase "Dogs don't like hugs and kisses!" If the dog is by itself, leave it alone. We have a game called Doggone Crazy which kids really like to play.. they soon learn how to approach a dog, judge the dog's body language to know if the dog is safe or not so safe and have fun learning!

This is a terrible outcome for everybody. The owner of the pitbull should have been a lot more vigilant about their dog. They KNOW it's a pitbull, the KNOW that they don't have good press, they should have known not to leave the dog unsupervised...

Can someone please tell me how much the council is giving for Dog Education out of the money that dog owners pay?

  • Is it cost effective?
  • Do the people who give talks to schools, and such do a follow up to their education?
  • Are the programme given by trained professionals who have experience with teaching children?
  • Do their programme have a training in order for them to give it?
  • Is there consistency around the country around dog bite prevention?
  • Do councils share information about their dog education programme?
  • Is it considered high priority?
  • Are parents willing to spend money educating their children about dogs and dog safety?


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