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June 01, 2010

Dog's Harbour Bridge hijinks

A tiny dog dodged dozens of cars and crossed several lanes of traffic before being caught at the top of Auckland's Harbour Bridge in rush-hour traffic.

Police and animal control officers spent hours trying to discover where the terrier, named Milo, came from and found last night that it had run from St Marys Bay.

Milo, believed to be aged about 6, was being looked after by friends of her owner when she disappeared.

North Shore City Council animal control officer Phil Eagles said he was amazed that the dog, which was still trembling last night, had survived.

"She's well kept, she's clean and she smells good," Mr Eagles said.

I'm not sure why people are amazed at dogs, at they say 'antics'. I mean, there has been a number of reports of dogs finding cancer on skin, or finding their way home 2 years later, of finding people in snow...

This dog just wanted to go home, or get away from a place he thought he was 'taken to' against his will. Dognapping happens every day!

Hell, isn't that a great way for a human to see a dog's point of view?! :)


"A member of the public managed to open up their door and reach out and grab her - a mystery person in a white car," Ms Kahlenberg said.

"Funnily enough, it's the second dog I've found at the top of the Harbour Bridge."

Hey, they like the view!

The previous one was an English setter. "It looked like a bigger version of this little girl we found today."

Ms Kahlenberg has also seen a blue penguin rescued from the bridge.

"I thought, 'How the hell would a penguin get up here and nobody see it until it's right at the top of the bridge?"



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