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June 04, 2010

Doggy deposits upset new residents

Michelle Crossan, who moved to the city from Auckland this year, said the first thing she noticed about the city was the amount of dog poo on the streets.

She had travelled around the United States and Europe, and grew up in Timaru, but had never seen so much poo left on the ground, she said.

She hasn't been to Paris!

"When ... I walk down to the supermarket, I stand in it. It is not every time, but a very high per cent of the time. "I always thought the rule was if your dog poos then you have to pick it up, but it doesn't seem to happen here," Miss Crossan said.


It was a "big problem" in many of the parks and on walking tracks but council rangers could not be in all places all the time to catch the offenders, Mr Pagan said.

"There is nothing worse than coming out for a walk in the park and stepping in something and for the rest of the trip having the smell hang around," Mr Pagan said. MORE>>

The best way of making sure no one walks in dog poo is to train the dog to park its bum in a bush. Yes, you can train a dog to do this. Of course, people will comment saying that is still illegal, but ... as you can see, accorsing to this woman, people don't pick up their dog poo. Train your dog to do this, and pick up your dog poo when he can't park his bum!

Just by passing a law doesn't mean people will comply. A law only works with the consent of the majority of the people, otherwise you get those 'third finger saluts'

If you can't train your dog correctly, then do the right thing. Carry a small bag, and hopefully the City Council in your city won't take the rubbish bins away.

I just wish someone who pick up after all those ducks! the amount of crap they leave behind makes you need to wear gumboots in city parks!.. at least my closest park.


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