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June 01, 2010

Boy sees burglar kill dog

A Christchurch teenager saw an intruder choke the life from the family's pet dog.

Fern Gaber said four-year-old boxer Troy was a "loyal friend" to the family and playmate for her son, Tyler Corbett-Gaber, 13.

Troy died in Tyler's arms on Friday after an intruder entered the Spreydon house and strangled the dog to death with its own lead as it defended the property.

Gaber, 35, said Tyler was home ill and asleep in his room when a man entered the Milton St home through a window.

The burglar reckoned without Troy, and Gaber said the ensuing struggle left the house like a "war zone". MORE>>

How very very sad... sounded like It's Me or the Dog but not in terms of training, but perceived survival.


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