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May 14, 2010

Public kill vicious dog as it attacks poodle

A vicious dog was killed by members of the public, including an elderly man, after they leapt in to stop it mauling a poodle.

The man, said to be about 70, rugby tackled the Staffordshire bull terrier bitch when he saw the attack outside Strathmore Bakery and Cafe on Broadway, in Wellington, about 9am yesterday.

Vet Allan Probert said the loose dog dashed across the road and attacked a small black poodle in a "completely unprovoked" attack. Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said "a number" of other people jumped into the melee, killing the attacking dog. "They felt compelled to get in there and help out," he said.

Couldn't have been nice....

It was a case of "rough justice" as the attacking dog could have ended up being destroyed the "normal way", Mr MacLean said. Definitely!

"It's a moral for dog owners not to let their dogs off the lead." It surely is, because one can say that if the poodle wasn't tie up, he'd be able to either defend itself, or run away... But we're all responsible dog owners who obey the law so this couldn't really be considered. ...

He said the poodle was being walked by its female owner and was on a leash.

The council and police would try to find the attacking dog's owner.

hum.. you really think it's registered or microchipped!

I feel sorry for the dead dog because he didn't know any better. His owners probably never took him to puppy class, never really walked him around, never really learned how to be a dog. What to do... ? These are probably the same people who scream at their kids, have no control over them, don't read them a book at night, and probably don't care. But they might not be those types of owners either. Alas... public education is the answer... in the schools and communities.

Mr Probert said the poodle was treated for a puncture mark and small lacerations on its belly.


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