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May 09, 2010

Police dog bites toddler

A police dog's future in the force is under scrutiny after biting a Napier toddler during a kindergarten visit.

Hum... I think that the police dog handler's future should be in question. Why is it okay for police dog's to bite and get away with it, and joe-public's dog... well, they aren't allow to owned a dog for 5 years, and get fined thousands of dollars.... a rule for cops, is it?

The dog bit three-year-old Tyler Hatton during the visit to Riversdale Kindergarten, puncturing his lip and giving him a gash to the bridge of his nose.

Police have apologised to the family over the incident and have launched an investigation which will consider the dog's health, physical condition and behavioural status, the New Zealand Herald reported.

It will also review the kindergarten visits which are meant to promote dog safety.

Promote dog safety! how hilarious. Perhaps if the dog handler understood how dog's communicate through their body language, this would not have happened. The dog was giving tons of signals saying that he wasn't comfortable, but the dog handler promoting dog safety couldn't even read those signs. What hope do we have to live in harmony with dogs .... Well, ask about the Doggone Safe Programme in Christchurch. They teach all about this and more!

Tyler's father Matthew said his son was recovering well at home.

Tyler said it appeared Tyler was patting the dog when it spun around and bit him on the face.

He said the family hoped the police investigation would stop such an incident happening again.


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