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May 10, 2010

Petcare at the click of a mouse

A pet care company thought up over a glass of wine, which now has about 100 part-time staff in Wellington, is just months away from a South Island launch.

Pet Angels, which allows pet owners to book services including pet walking, feeding and grooming entirely online is expecting to sign an out-licensing agreement for the firm to be launched in Christchurch in around two months' time.

The company, which is in the running for the emerging prize at this month's Wellington Gold Awards, has built a customer base of 2000 in just over three years. MORE>>

Who would have thought that kiwis are willing to spend $45 a night for dog boarding at someone's home.

We at Homestays for Dogs charge $30 and we're professional dog trainers! And we take our dogs kayaking :)

Maybe we aren't charging enough, but quite frankly, we charge what we'd pay for our services. I wouldn't be paying $45 a night at someone else home, but for us ?! well..

There's a business model for pet care, and good on them for making money. Just didn't think that Kiwis were prepared to spend that much money. Hum...


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