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April 28, 2010

New stem-cell therapy for dogs

New Zealand dog owners will soon be able to access breakthrough stem cell therapy for their pets suffering from degenerative joint disease.

Pet Doctors, New Zealand's biggest companion animal veterinary group, has announced an agreement to treat dogs with stem cell technology. New Zealand will be only the third country in the world to offer this type of therapy for dogs, along with Australia and the United States.

Pet Doctors group chief executive Steve Merchant says the treatment offers an alternative for thousands of dogs suffering from degenerative joint disease.

"Many pet-owners have experienced the heartache of seeing a previously active dog deteriorate in mobility - for simple things like getting into the car, going for walks, or having a play at the beach.

Yup, my dog is definitely one of them... and it IS painful to see, but he's 14. What should I expect? He doesn't really LOOK old like some dogs.

"Often the mind is willing but the body is not," says Merchant. Sounds like me... but it's called laziness.

"By using the dog's own fat cells and genetic material to regenerate their joint, they can lead healthier and more active lives without drugs." MORE>>

And just another way of drug companies of making you feel bad when you don't do everything possible for your dog. But then, you can pay $2500 for your dog's knee surgery! and that's from bad genes. Breeders don't like hearing that, and keep breeding. When you take profit out of dogs, you'll see healthier dogs.


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