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April 03, 2010

New Puppies At Women's Prison: Programme Changing Lives Inside And Out

The arrival of two new puppies at Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility in South Auckland has heralded the successful expansion of the Puppies in Prison programme, run in association with the Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust, with eight women now training dogs destined to assist people in the community with disabilities.

"Hopi and Huia arrived last Monday, and have spent their first weeks getting to know their new handlers, playing with the other dogs and exploring their fenced area behind the unit where they will live for the next year," says Prison Manager Agnes Robertson.

"The dogs live with and are trained by a group of selected low security prisoners who live in the Self Care Units at the prison, a rehabilitative unit similar to a flatting environment which helps prepare the women for life outside prison when they are released. The puppies spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with their handlers, even attending rehabilitation and education programmes with the women. MORE>>

MOBILITY DOGS is such a great cause. I've seen them in action, and quite frankly, they provide such independence for someone in a wheelchair. We need more of them! It's nice to see the prisons used for some good !


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