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April 28, 2010

Dogs do understand you, study says

Ask any dog owner whether their canine companion understands them and the answer will probably be yes.

Now, psychology researchers at the University of Otago are running experiments to find if dogs really can detect human emotional messages.

Over the past 15 months, Associate Professor Ted Ruffman and a team of students have put 90 Dunedin dogs, of all shapes, sizes and breeds, through their paces.

Some have been shown recorded images of babies laughing, crying and babbling, while others have been given the same verbal instruction from humans displaying either happy or stern expressions.

The dogs' responses indicated they could indeed differentiate a happy human from an angry or sad one and a laugh from a cry, Professor Ruffman said. "We know dogs are very good at picking up on human gestures ... and it seems they are very good at picking up on human emotions too." MORE>>

I saw many studies on TV that were from the States and England... and they did this kind of study. Of course dog have emotions, and I'm not surprised to read that monkeys and apes grieve. Whales do it too. Wasn't there a study about fish and pain?

My dog reads the time. He knows when it's time for dinner and knows when it's morning tea! clever dog..


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