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March 07, 2010

When a dog's life weighs heavy

Meet Frank, the British bulldog. His owner, Louise Grant, bought him on a whim one rainy weekend nearly two years ago but has discovered that just like becoming an accidental parent, he is a lot more work than she imagined.

Until this summer Frank was a happy and mischievous 28kg (and still growing) puppy. Despite his fearsome look, he is actually shy around strangers and would prefer to squeeze himself under a cafe table than allow dog-loving passers-by to pat him.

But all that changed when Frank went to Waiheke Island to spend the summer. Louise rented a house and the plan was to commute to work in the city four days a week so she and Frank could enjoy romping on the beach, having friends to stay and generally enjoying a marvellous summer.

Except it didn't work out that way.

Frank was unsettled. Everything was unfamiliar; ferry rides, a strange house, scary sounds, lots of people.

He became snappy and irritable with Louise's friends, and when he would normally easily interact with other dogs on the beach, he was getting angry and unpredictable.

Within a few weeks Louise couldn't trust him off the leash any more. So she marched him off to therapy.

Two sessions for $450 - that should do the trick.


Holy moly! $450 !!
Maybe we aren't charging enough for our ''therapy" sessions !!

The best thing a dog owner can do to start getting their dog to listen to them is hand feeding. The magic starts there!


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