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March 06, 2010

Police dog bite victim loses case

A district court judge has dismissed a damages claim made by a bystander who required surgery after being attacked by a police dog.

Cedric Lawrence, of the South Auckland suburb of Manurewa, sought $20,000 in exemplary damages after the attack by the dog, named Stone, in October 2006.

Only a police officer would call a dog Stone! What, short for Stoner? Go figure!


Judge Spiller said the facts of the case did not meet the legal test of battery either, and police behaviour had not been outrageous enough to meet the test required for exemplary damages to be awarded.

Not outrageious enough? What is ''enough'' in order to meet the ''test''?


Mr Lawrence's lawyer, Jeremy Sutton, who has dealt with six cases involving police dog bites, said he was disappointed by the decision.

"It is unfair that there are a significant number of police dog attacks on innocent members of the public," he said.

Unfair?? That isn't strong enough of a word!

"I hope that the law soon catches up to the injustice being done. In light of this case police are almost immune from liability for the actions of their dogs."


So if their aren't liable, why is the joe-public liable for their dog creating havoc on an innocent victim?


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