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March 11, 2010

10,000 ACC claims a year from dog attacks

The Accident Compensation Corporation says it gets over 10,000 claims per year from dog attack victims. There have been five serious incidents in the last fortnight, including two attacks on toddlers - all by pitbulls or mastiffs, or breed crosses.

ACC spokesperson Laurie Edwards says the number of dog attack claims is steadily increasing, and the figure may not include all victims:
Mr Edwards says the cost to ACC of dog attacks is around $4 million per year, and that doesn't include the wider costs of time off work, hospital expenses, and emotional scars.

I wish that the reporting of dog bites would include Ian Dunbar's bite assessment criteria when assessing a dog bite. Why include this?... not just for reporting, but also to make sure that the dog has a good chance of being taught not to bite. Why waste time trying to rehabilitate a dog when it might not be worth the effort.

Teaching bite inhibition is the best thing you can do for your pup!

Level 1- Dog growls, lunges, snarls-no teeth touch skin. Mostly intimidation behavior.

Level 2- Teeth touch skin but no puncture. May have red mark/minor bruise from dog’s head or snout, may have minor scratches from paws/nails. Minor surface abrasions acceptable.

Level 3- Punctures ½ the length of a canine tooth, one to four holes, single bite.No tearing or slashes.Victim not shaken side to side. Bruising.

Level 4- One to four holes from a single bite, one hole deeper than ½ the length of a canine tooth, typically contact/punctures from more than canines only. Black bruising, tears and/or slashing wounds. Dog clamped down and shook or slashed victim.

Level 5- Multiple bites at Level 4 or above. A concerted, repeated attack.

Level 6- Any bite resulting in death of a human.

This was taken from the following blog. Well worth the read.


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