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March 10, 2010

100 per cent registration for known dogs

Auckland City’s high levels of dog registration contribute to lower levels of dog attacks, evidence suggests.

What 'evidence' do they have? How can someone correlate dog registration with low dog attacks? Perhpas there are more dog trainers in the area, or more people sending their dogs to doggy daycare, or perhpas they are bringing them to a well-run puppy class!

Auckland City Council has now achieved 100 per cent registration of the city’s 20,844 known dogs.

Doh! what a silly statement! It's like saying "I can account for all my money!".. it's all in my pocket

There is evidence that high registration levels have a positive effect on lowering incidents of dog aggression to people and animals. In the 2008/2009 year there were 126 reported dog bites, a 53 per cent reduction from the 2002/2003 year when there were 268 reported dog bites. Total reported dog aggression, including attacks on other animals has reduced 68 per cent from 1,032 in the 2003/2004 year to 332 in the 2008/2009 year.

So this is their evidence? What scientific journal has their evidence based research been written in?

The council takes the safety of its residents and their pets seriously. It is a statutory requirement that all dogs be registered with their local council.

Good on ya council! Pat yourself on the back while increasing dog registration fees and getting nothing back in return. (hey, the Council could subsidies overseas dog experts seminars here in NZ)

Or is this 'press release' gearing up to the Super City. I do understand that each Auckland region at the moment has very different fees. Yes, I'm cynical.. as you get older, you do get wiser to these sorts of number maneuvering.

Like I remember the saying in our stats class at university- statistics, statistics, and more lies...

Auckland City Council’s strong dog management policies have resulted in improved public safety and animal welfare - fewer dog attacks, fewer dogs picked up wandering, fewer dogs hurt or killed in traffic accidents and fewer unclaimed dogs euthanised. By enforcing the dog control rules, council encourages dog owners to take their responsibilities more seriously.

“Registering all the city’s dogs contributes to a safer environment for our residents and ratepayers. Puts money in your cofers! The correlation between dog attacks and unregistered dogs shows us just how important it is to ensure our dog owners follow the rules,” says Councillor Aaron Bhatnagar, chairperson of the City Development Committee. No it doesn't! Mr. Bhatnagar didn't come and listen to Dr Ian Dunbar, did he? You can still catch him on Radio NZ with the Kim Hill interview.

If you are the owner of an unregistered dog, you are urged to register your pet now or you risk a fine of up to $300. To register your dog now go to a council services centre, or download a dog registration form from or call 379 2020.

Put I thought that 100% of dogs were registered !! Isn't that the title of the press release...

If you have concerns about an unregistered dog in your area, call Auckland City Council on 379 2020 or the council’s animal control services on 360 0750; both numbers are answered 24 hours a day.

but.. but... you said they are all registered!

I guess the



  • At 9:30 a.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    Talk about spin.
    Accident Compensation Corporation stated that they have paid out on 50,000 dog bite claims in the last 5 years. Auckland City only had 126?
    The Dominion Post claims that dog bites in the region for the past financial year rose from 104 to 148 in their anti-pit bull article 28 Jan '10.
    Then the dog catchers claim that 75% (according to one commentator and 85% according to another) of dog bite incidents go unreported. Quite how they can know that intrigues me since they're unreported.
    About the time of a mauling by another NOT pit bull - 2004ish as I recall - Accident Compensation claimed there was a hospital admission a day in the whole of the country, so say 365/year.
    A cabinet paper released Oct '07 states that ACC claims for 2006/2007 were 252 while those released from hospital after treatment for dog bites were 554.
    Then there's the Tauranga dog-catcher who claims that Pit Bulls are 2.5% of the dog population yet they're responsible for 12.5% of dog bite incidents. He can't possibly know how many pit bulls there are since no-one in their right mind registers their dog as a pit bull while the witch-hunt is still on, and considering a recent study (by Behaviourist Victoria Voith, Western University, CA) which shows the so-called experts only guess at breeds correctly 25% of the time, the pretense at 'evidence' falls over completely. Depends whose agenda is being promoted obviously as to what sort of 'evidence' is produced.
    BTW, at the time of that mauling 2004ish, Peter Dunne (United Future) was reported in the NZ Herald as saying that 8 of "these types of dogs" had offended in the period of a year. EIGHT!! Out of 365?
    That aint 12.5% by any stretch. Now you do the math when you consider that 75% of the accused were not in fact pit bulls at all.
    Auckland City Council will one day have to admit that their exorbitant registration fees and jack-booted approach to dog owners doesn't work half as well as getting their dog catchers off their bums and out doing the job they're paid to do.

  • At 9:47 a.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    Here's the ACC dog bite claims info:

  • At 1:47 p.m., Blogger g said…

    You kind of answered all your own questions there.. The unreported dog bites are "unreported" to territorial authority councils, but are reported at hospital and doctors as dog bite wounds, hence the differing figures. the 2.5% APBT type dogs are the "registered dogs" or "known dogs" ie on council database at a specific address awaiting action. the 12.5% is the "reported" cases where Animal Control has investigated.As for persons not registering the dog as a schedule 4 breed APBTtype dog, that carries stiffer penalties than just complying, and your comment about sending people out to do their jobs, that would be door to door visits to catch up with all the unregistered and wrongly registered dogs !! The dogs you will note are called "american pitbull terrier type" as you of the apbta. inc society will be fully aware that dog id is only possible using the New Zealand Standards Guide NZS 8800:2006 as American Pitbull terriers are a type not a breed.And that "type" has been crossed with many other breeds and "types".
    So basically if everyone complied with current dog laws and regulations then there would be little trouble, in NZ, dog ownership is a user-pays society. just as in car ownership, gun ownership, house ownership etc etc there are considerably more "non- dog owners" in society than dog owners so dog owners should pay their way and respect others.

  • At 2:32 p.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    Nice try - not good enough.
    Your figures don't stack up.
    When did anyone go door-to-door to establish that 2.5% of dogs are of "the type"?
    So cabinet states 554 for 2006/2007 dog bites and Accident Compensation claims 10,000 per annum?
    GPs do NOT provide figures for patients attending for dog bite injuries. I just called my GP and he said he does not and has never been asked to provide such stats.
    We have requested dog bite stats from various DHBs and they have advised that they do not have specific stats to give us.
    You do not "know" that any dog is of the type whatever code you quote and even DNA tests on the very same dog gave 4 different results:
    Even the so-called "checklist" has been thoroughly discredited:
    When I say get off your bums and do the job you are paid for, I mean that when I call to report a stray dog I don't expect to be told to go catch it MYSELF before you will come out and pick it up.
    I pay $110/annum to register my dog and I assume that is to fund the animal control services I am led to believe - along with rate and taxpayers - such a fee is there to fund.
    As to non-dog owners out numbering dog owners that in no way excuses the lack of service by dumping back on the vast majority of law-abiding, responsible dog owners made to pay for the tiny minority of dangerous owners animal control contractors fail to address.
    It in no way addresses the number of innocent dogs who die in their droves for simply having a particular 'look' about them.

  • At 10:18 a.m., Blogger Vincent Hall said…

    im with apbta_inc on this one.
    all these figures been thrown about and yet none are correct...
    Tells me alot of people need a new profession in life.
    Come on people this is beyond a joke. Wake up and smell the coffee!
    Contrary to this, I would like to thank the Waitakere City Council for paying these fictitious statistics no mind.

  • At 1:30 p.m., Blogger g said…

    APBTA-inc.. but aren't you the one who through your website encourages APBT owners to not register their dogs and try to fly under the radar?? surely then you must deem their to be aproblem if you encourage owners not to be open and honest?? this non compliance with the law attitude is what turns much of the public against owners! why should granny miles down the road reg her bichon if you dont think you should reg your pitty? although you quite happily post breeders names and phone numbers on your site! doh!

  • At 2:25 p.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    We have NEVER told people not to register their dogs. We do however accept the obvious fallout from breed specific legislation that sees previously honest law-abiding dog owners becoming liars and cheats claiming their dogs are of a different breed or mix or not registering at all to protect their dogs.
    Our advice to owners is to keep their dogs out of trouble, i.e. out of sight out of mind. Sorry you have misconstrued that.
    Yes, we acknowledge there is a problem.
    The problem is the media hatchet-job on the breed which has made for a massive world-wide free marketing campaign for the puppy millers and which has seen every sociopath and miscreant on the planet beat a path to their puppy miller's door looking for a scary dog.
    The puppy millers have made a fortune, and the genuine pit bull bloodlines have been polluted with mix-breeding as such breeders will meet the market without compunction, laughing all the way to the bank.
    They are happily breeding for aggression, size and even colour which are all characteristics that are either totally unacceptable or irrelevant in the Pit Bulldog but attractive to those looking for the archetypal 'weapon dog'.
    It ain't rocket science yet the public still buy the rot served up to them by an unprofessional, unscrupulous and self-serving media and the criminals, wannabes and saddos looking for a prop for their cracked personalities are costing all dogs and their owners dearly.
    We haven't forgotten the politicians who are the media puppet masters in parliament driving their agenda as is plainly evinced in the skewed statistics they quote to the public to justify ever more constrictive, punitive, ineffective, expensive and plain irrational legislation.
    Dog owners vote.

  • At 5:15 p.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    Forgot to address your very good point about our breeders putting their litters out there openly. Thank you for pointing that out to us - we did realise but no matter - so maybe we need to make that a members only area ya think?
    Drive it even further underground?
    Then we can truly follow the overseas models to the letter.
    Hat tip to 'g'.

  • At 10:04 a.m., Blogger Natalie said…

    You might want to point your breeders to a programme called Open Paw. Basically all puppies should be toilet trained by the time they leave the breeder. Yes, at 8 weeks.

    There is info there for shelters as well. Minimum standards, etc..

  • At 11:28 a.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    Thank you Natalie we'll have a look at that website.
    Another good article (Ryan O'Meara's K9 Magazine) on identifying puppy farmers is also well worth public dissemination:

  • At 1:14 p.m., Blogger g said…

    "Even before the Mandatory Spay/Neuter bill is introduced in New Zealand, Animal Control Officers are targeting our breed and as always they are starting with those owners who were honest and naive enough to register their Pit Bulls as Pit Bulls. That'll teach Pit Bull owners for playing by the rules eh?" a direct quote from your website
    sorry i misconstrued that...

  • At 1:27 p.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    So what 'g'?

    That is not advice to our people not to register their dogs but a plain facts comment about the effects of BSL on normally law-abiding people. I guess it depends upon how you care to construe it.

    Here is another plain facts article about another kind of fallout:

    Good to see that you are watching our website so closely. There are links there to some seriously good informational articles, websites and blogs produced by people who know what they're talking about.

    You may also care to visit TVNZ's website where they aired Ian Dunbar's interview on Breakfast. Mon 15 Mar I think it was. Plain common sense from someone qualified to comment.


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