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February 05, 2010

Tauranga man attacked by his own dogs


"He was in a pretty bad way when they (ambulance officers) got there."

And by the time police arrived the man was "pretty well on the verge of unconsciousness."

The man had yet to be interviewed because he was still heavily medicated.

He said the dogs had not calmed down when police arrived and they had to be shot.

"It appears the gentleman had been able to get the dogs corralled into a part of the house so when the guys got there they were able to very easily, just by closing some doors, make the scene safe and secure the dogs in one part of the house while they attended the man in another part," Mr Glencross said.

He said the damage pitbull dogs and pitbull-type dogs could do was "quite horrific".

It was not known if the dogs had been trained for fighting.

Police said they were not yet able to determine why the dogs had attacked the man.

... blaming the breed of dog again... what about the owner?! Another sad case for Dogs


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