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February 05, 2010

Odd names for a dog

Compared with his canine peers Aeroplane Ears and Puss Puss, Wellington the dog can hold his head high when called.

Wellington is a seven-year-old English springer spaniel and among the dozens of dogs registered with councils around the country last year to have quirky names.

Alfred Popsicle, Warrengale Sir Brian, Castro Kennedy,, Stolen, Snoop Dog and Aeroplane Ears all feature on Wellington City Council's list of dog names.

And the owner of Maxwell Smart Agent 86 could end up out of breath trying to call back the dog if it is refusing to bring back a stick.

While naming children after liquor may be a no-no, the same taboo evidently does not apply to canines. Budweiser, Rheineck, Merlot, Bourbon, Budweiser, Cider and Clicquot are all monikers held by capital canines. MORE>>


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