A man who fed live kittens to his pitbull claims he is "an animal lover".

But SPCA national chief inspector Charles Cadwallader says Te Ahu Aaron Mankelow is "lying his teeth off".

The incident, which was videoed on a cellphone, happened at a party in Gisborne last year.

Mankelow, 31, eventually pleaded guilty in Gisborne District Court on January 25 to five charges of wilful cruelty to animals after he recorded himself on a cellphone tipping out five kittens from a box for his dog, and urging his dog to eat them.

You have to wonder why anyone would record themselves doing this... hello?!~

And he's a father... oh boy!

The charges of wilful cruelty were brought by the SPCA and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. But in an interview with the Sunday News, published today, Mankelow said he loved cats.