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February 17, 2010

Lonely Dog show at Alveridge Hall

Queenstown artist Ivan Clarke is opening his brand new exhibition hall for locals and visitors to get a peek into the world of Alveridge and the Lonely Dog, before the artist's concept and paintings become transformed into a Hollywood movie.
The stories, characters and places in Mr Clarke's art are very much inspired by Queenstown and the surrounding landscape.

The first painting of the Lonely Dog was inspired by the sad look on his dog, as Mr Clarke was leaving to go on vacation.

As Mr Clarke walked around the exhibition hall, his face lit up when describing the inspiration found in the hills and views around the building, and when he shared some of the stories of the inhabitants of Alveridge, a fantasy world populated by cats and dogs.
"There are new story ideas coming up all the time. It is still a work in progress."


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