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February 23, 2010

Dogs shot and dragged away

Police are trying to locate the bodies of two pet dogs after their distraught owner found blood, shotgun casings and one of their collars in the middle of the road.

They believe the dogs were accidently hit by a car and shot by the driver.

But no motorist has come forward and the driver could face charges for not reporting the incident.

The dog owners would want closure, but too bad the threat of being charged will keep that door open for them.

Chevy, a 10-year-old foxy-Labrador cross and Toby, an 8-year-old boxer, were asleep in their kennels at Rachel Watson and partner Roy Ellis' Morrinsville home when they went to bed about 11pm on Friday.

When the pair awoke on Saturday morning the dogs were missing.

Ms Watson left her Quine Rd lifestyle block to look for her pets. About 2km down the road she found pools of blood and smeared blood indicating the dogs' bodies had been dragged.

There were two shotgun casings among the blood.


He believes the dogs may have been hurt by a car and that someone put them down "out of concern for their well-being".

It was unlikely the animals had been attacking stock because of the type of breed they were and they wouldn't have been stolen to be used as hunting dogs, Mr Sneddon said.


The mystery continues....


  • At 7:18 p.m., Blogger Brendan H. said…

    "It was unlikely the animals had been attacking stock because of the type of breed they were"

    It's just a thought, but as far as I know Fox Terriers were bred to hunt small game. Labradors to retrieve waterfowl. And Boxers were bred from Pit Bull type dogs who were bred to fight bulls. So why would these dogs NOT attack stock? Why are the histories of some breeds excused, while the histories of other breeds clearly are not? We would never say an English Bull Terrier wouldn't attack stock because of it's breed. Yet it would be amongst the first to be suspected of attacking stock if it happened, despite being a show dog for a century and a half. Or American Staffordshires who are also show dogs for more than 70 years.


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